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Bank of America Agrees to New Loan Servicing Policies

Bank of America has agreed to the following five servicing policies for consumers nationwide:

• Bank of America has agreed to revise its “missing document” letter which will more clearly state what documents are missing and what additional information is needed to move forward with a loan modification request.
• Bank of America is further facilitating the ability of consumers and/or their advocates to interact with Bank of America staff regarding loan modification requests.
• Going forward, Bank of America will assign an underwriter upon identifying a loan modification application that appears to entail complex or challenging underwriting.
• Going forward, where contractually permitted and reasonably practicable, Bank of America will exclude loans belonging to consumers who are in the process of negotiating a loan modification from the sale of mortgage servicing rights.
• Bank of America will not proceed to foreclosure sale on any homeowner who has identified a legitimate change in financial circumstances and who wishes to reapply for a loan modification, even if that borrower’s application was previously rejected.

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